I am a PhD student at Purdue University in the Video and Image Processing Laboratory (VIPER).

I was a Deep Learning Research Intern at HP Labs during Summer 2017 and 2018 where I worked on object detection and recognition problems. Previously I worked as an iOS developer at Visual Engineering for clients including FarmaPremium and Oysho.

I received a Bachelor's degree in Audiovisual Systems in Telecommunications Engineering at UPC BarcelonaTech - Telecom BCN.

My research focuses on deep learning applications in multimedia analytics.


Sleep analysis using motion and head detection

J. Choe, D. Mas Montserrat, A. J. Schwichtenberg, E. J. Delp

IEEE Southwest Symposium on Image Analysis and Interpretation (SSIAI)

April 2018 - Las Vegas, NV

Logo detection and recognition with synthetic images

D. Mas Montserrat, Q. Lin, J. P. Allebach, E. J. Delp

IS&T International Symposium on Electronic Imaging (EI)

January 2018 - Burlingame, CA